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Sinet is a group of IT-companies founded in 1999 and developing in the field of Internet advertising, e-commerce and the development of Internet startups in Yakutsk. It is a leader in its areas of activity in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and occupies one of the leading positions in the East of Russia.

Company's development strategy is to work for the transition of society and businesses to the new technologies of communication, commerce, education and entertainment. We create useful social and public information services for the general public, new business-running tools with lower costs and greater profitability for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to become one of the leading, efficient and highly profitable business groups in the regional Ru-net. Our primary social aim is the development of IT-industry in the region including working with talented students as well as the development of infrastructure to support start-ups.

We employ more than 180 employees. Read more about the company in the corporate blog Sinet.Ykt.Ru.


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Advertising services

We created and maintain the main portal of Yakutia Ykt.Ru. It registers about 150 thousand unique visitors a day and more than 2 million unique visitors per month. These values allow Ykt.Ru to rank among the leading regional portals in Russia. The portal incorporates a news service News.Ykt.Ru, a leading media in Yakutia, classifieds, forums, blogs, billboard and other services. We also maintain the largest Yakutsk Publics in social networks that allows us to provide efficient advertising services for the entire spectrum of businesses including major companies of the region as well as private entrepreneurs. You can find our advertising price list here.

Electronic commerce

In the growing market of e-commerce today Sinet offers the following projects: the mobile delivery aggregator Eda.Ykt.Ru, the group discounts service Kupon.Ykt.Ru and offering buying opportunities at the leading establishments of the city with discounts from 50% to 90%.

Facilities and services for businesses

Ykt.Ru is the leading platform in Yakutia for job placement and a new service Rabota.Ykt.Ru offers employers efficient recruitment and applicants the ability to choose the best from a wide range of job offers. Placing your website on the Internet and attracting visitors is managed by a promotional service, where the traditional telecommunications service comes in packages with advertising services with special terms. Corporate websites development is based on 15 years of experience in the creation of more than 700 websites and is carried out by an affiliate studio IdeaArt, which currently has branched off from Sinet into a separate company.

Mission and Values

Arsen Tomsky,
the founder and leader of Sinet

Our main mission is to serve for the happiness and well-being of people. This is followed by our main objectives:

  • To create and maintain high-quality services that deliver benefits. Our services help millions of people to save money and time, receive important information and new skills, make new friends and create families, to develop business and find work.
  • Freedom of speech on the Internet is important for us as a sign of the development of civil society. We maintain Ykt.Ru as a leading independent media in Yakutia.
  • We contribute to the establishment of a major IT-industry in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), producing competitive products in domestic and world markets. We believe it will improve the regional economy, social life and mentality of the people and create a safe environment for development, complementing a raw model.
  • We are engaged in social activities by means of organizing and participating in fundraising for the needy, environmental actions and to support scientific research.

To achieve these goals we develop all of our business projects, support the Development Centre "Smart" and the project Begin.Ykt.Ru involving children of the socially disadvantaged groups into the IT sector, participate in the work of the Association of IT-industry of Yakutia, support the arts through the Community ArtWall. We created the first private venture fund Nord Venture to support IT-startups. In 2007 Sinet helped the Yakutsk State University to win the federal competition and obtain the status of the innovative university. Thus NEFU (ex. YSU) received the status of one of the eight federal universities. That gave tremendous impetus to the higher education system of Yakutia.

In the future our company intends to create a corporate venture capital fund to support new start-ups in Yakutia, a research fund, a center for contemporary art, film and animation, and a charitable fund.

Nord Venture Fund
Community ArtWall
Educational Site Begin
The Flying Squad "Musoru.net"
The campaign "Save the River Lena!"
Genetic Project



Jobs and careers

We are looking for the tallented and interesting people to join our team!

Our loft-style office is situated in the heart of Yakutsk, Russia. Please, learn more about our company in our corporate blog Sinet.Ykt.Ru (runned in Russian language)

We use local online recruitment service Rabota.Ykt.Ru

Jobs at Sinet Group and Ykt.Ru portal

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