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Sinet is a group of IT-companies in Yakutsk, founded in 1999 and developing in the field of media, online advertising, e-commerce and aggregators. Our team is a top-class, fast advancing engineering team. We are the leaders in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), and hold leading positions across the country in the spheres of regional portals and ridesharing.

Sinet development strategy aims at assisting businesses and society at large to adopt new communications technologies, content delivery, entertainment, and business services. We create social information services for the public, and for entrepreneurs we develop new business tools at lower costs and greater profitability. Our goal is to become one of the leading IT companies in Russia. Our main goal is to promote IT-industry in Yakutia by creating suitable platform for talented students, developing an effective infrastructure for start-ups and promoting the spheres of the new technologies.

There are more than 350 employees in Sinet. For more information about the company, please visit the Sinet.Ykt.Ru corporate blog.


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Our business streams

Media and advertising

Our main portal Ykt.Ru Yakutia is visited by 200 000 unique visitors per day and more than 2.5 million per month. The Internet audience coverage in the region amounts to about 85%, which is much higher than that of the major searchengines and social networks. This makes Ykt.Ru a leading media platform in Yakutia and one of the leading regional portals in Russia. The news service News.Ykt.Ru hosts forums, blogs, current events guide, the biggest classified in the region, regional search and other services. We also support popular Yakutsk public social networks that allow us to provide effective advertising services for the whole business spectrum including large national chains, regional economy locomotives, entrepreneurs and individuals. You can find information about advertising costs here.

Marketplaces and classifieds

In this segment Sinet is presented by the following projects: meal delivery service Eda.Ykt.Ru, group discounts service Kupon.Ykt.Ru. We are developing a leading regional job-site Rabota.Ykt.Ru, the largest base classified Doska.Ykt.Ru and thematic classifieds Remont.Ykt.Ru and Stroy.Ykt.Ru.

Global projects

The Sinet’s flagship project is the inDriver international ridesharing service, which covers 14M users in more than 180+ cities in 13 countries. The order volumes in the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union countries shows that the inDriver makes the top 3 services along with Yandex.Taksi-Uber and RuTaxi. The service is attractive to users in major metropolitan areas with the presence of key competitors as well as in small townships of a few thousand inhabitants in remote corners of the planet with poor cellular connection and with no maps. Amongst the major ridesharing services inDriver is the only which is operationally profitable.

After several years of organizing "Miss Virtual Yakutia", Sinet also organizes a popular contest "Miss Virtual Russia" and "Miss Virtual Kazakhstan" with thousands of participants and a voting system for millions of users.

Mission and Values

Our main mission is - We are developing ourselves and developing the world through new technologies.
This is followed by our main objectives:

  • Create and maintain the quality services for all. Our services help millions of people to save money and time, receive important information, acquire new skills, make new friends and families, start new businesses and gain employment.

  • For us the development of civil society through freedom of speech on the Internet is of great importance. We support Ykt.Ru, a leading independent media in Yakutia.

  • We contribute to the establishment of a major IT-industry in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), producing competitive products for domestic and world markets. We believe that it will upgrade the regional economy, social life and mentality of the population, and also it will create a secure environment, complementing the raw model.

  • We are engaged in social activities, through fundraising for the needy, environmental campaigns and scientific research.

To achieve these goals we create our business projects, support the development center "Smart" and with Begin.Ykt.Ru we secure involvement of children from socially disadvantaged population in IT projects. We also work together with the Association of IT-industry of Yakutia. The Ykt.Ru portal regularly raises funds for treatment of children with serious illnesses and raised considerable sums starting from tens of thousands up to millions of rubles. We provide information support to a variety of social movements, funds, social projects and activities.

In the future, the company intends to create a corporate venture capital fund to support new start-ups from Yakutia, a research foundation, a center for contemporary art, film and animation, and a charity fund.

Knowledge web Begin
The Flying Squad "Musoru.net"
The campaign "Save the River Lena!"
Genetic Project

Arsen Tomsky,
the founder and leader of Sinet

To support the values of our team, we conduct Sinet challenge contests of personal growth, organize New Year visits to the sea and ski resorts, award with orders of “Heroes of Sinet”. As a result, our team members may suffer from aqua-fobia but end up enjoying kitesurfing, save people from fires, collect litter in the nearby woods, generate new ideas and create first-class services that bring great benefits to others.

Jobs and careers

We are looking for the tallented and interesting people to join our team!

Our office is situated in the heart of Yakutsk, Russia. Please, learn more about our company in our corporate blog Sinet.Ykt.Ru (runned in Russian language)

We use local online recruitment service Rabota.Ykt.Ru

Jobs at Sinet Group and Ykt.Ru portal

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